Sam Hanna

Sam Hanna, portrayed by LL Cool J is a former Navy SEAL working as a Senior NCIS agent. He is tough and great friends with G. Callen, and very curious about Callen's past. He still lives by the Navy SEAL code of conduct. He speaks and reads Arabic, using it to assist the team with translation and conversation when dealing with Arabic intel. He has a strong sense of honor, going so far as to bring a Sudanese orphan to the USA, having killed his father. He has a soft spot for young boys from dangerous neighborhoods, possibly because this is the sort of environment in which he grew up. He can sometimes become emotionally involved in his cases, proven by his close relationship with the Sudanese orphan, a young boy who witnessed the murder of his brother during a drive-by, and the abduction of fellow teammate Dominic Vail.

In season 2 episode "Anonymous" it is revealed that he has had at least two children, including one daughter. Callen was aware of this but does not elaborate when pressed for more information by Kensi and Deeks on the subject.

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